From Globetrotters to Off-Grid Pioneers The Journey of Joshua and Ikumi

From Globetrotters to Off-Grid Pioneers: The Journey of Joshua and Ikumi

Joshua and Ikumi, an American-Japanese couple, transition from world travelers to living sustainably in Japan’s remote mountains.

Meeting on the Shores of Vietnam

Joshua (American) and Ikumi (Japanese) first crossed paths at a mutual friend’s birthday party on a beach in Vietnam.

Little did they know, an egg toss competition would win them the game and spark a lifelong partnership.


A Global Adventure During Lockdown

Their relationship blossomed as they traveled the world together, even during the restrictive times of COVID lockdowns.

They lived in eight countries, embracing various cultures and experiences, and eventually tied the knot.

This intense travel and discovery period strengthened their bond and laid the foundation for their next big adventure.


Embracing a Sustainable Lifestyle

With the dream of building a sustainable lifestyle off the grid, Joshua and Ikumi finally decided to settle in the remote mountains of Japan.

Here, they embarked on a journey of self-sufficiency, transforming an abandoned village into their new home.

They started a vegetable garden, hunted deer for food, and sourced fresh water from mountain streams.


Overcoming Cultural Differences

Living in a remote area comes with challenges, especially concerning cultural differences.

Joshua and Ikumi navigate these obstacles with open and respectful communication, ensuring they address any issues head-on.

Their ability to work through disagreements strengthens their relationship and prepares them for future challenges.


Looking Forward to the Future

Joshua and Ikumi’s story is about resilience, adventure, and love.

They look forward to raising children in nature, teaching them sustainable living values and the beauty of cultural diversity.

Their journey from globetrotters to off-grid pioneers inspires those seeking a simpler, more fulfilling life.


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